Major outputs & results

Main output of the project was the development of a new approach to support SME in rational use of energy and an expansion of efficient energy generation technologies. By implementation of so-called Integrated Energy Concepts in 8 European business parks through different consultancy activities the benefit of the developed strategy could be proved. The main results for the action can be listed as:

  • The partners of the goEco consortium were able to establish intense cooperation with 8 business parks in 8 different European countries.
  • Technology fact sheets and calculation tools (example and template) on such issues as lighting, HVAC, biomass and CHP have been developed and can be downloaded on this website at the sections Technology Fact Sheets and Calculation Tools.
  • More than 80 feasibility studies (10 per business park) have been elaborated by the partners of goEco to have a closer look at core technologies for increasing energy efficiency and/or renewable energy production in the business parks.
  • All partners have developed Integrated Energy Concepts as guidelines for the implementation of measures to reduce energy consumption and costs.
  • The consortium has developed papers on joint procurement and energy Management which can be found at the section business parks.
  • All partners have implemented concrete measures in their respective business parks, ranging from exchange of the heating system to renewal of lighting and implementation of energy management systems. To reach this goal, partners established a very intense cooperation with their business parks by business round tables and continuous work meetings.
  • The project results were presented to the public at an international conference in Paris on December 3rd 2015.

The experiences of this project should help to find and establish this general approach and new integrated solutions to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in business parks.

An important part of the goEco project was to establish a cooperative approach in the business parks, meaning different companies in the business park working together, e.g. in procuring energy efficient equipment to implement the insights of the Integrated Energy Concepts. The consortium developed an organisational concept on joint procurement and partners organised workshops in their national business parks on the issue to present advantages and challenges for collaborative approaches.

The results of goEco show that joint actions of different companies situated in the same business park are difficult to stimulate. All partners – independent on country, economic circumstances and type of business park – made the same experiences: companies are struggling with cooperation outside their core businesses. This is mainly due to three aspects:

  • Capacity: many companies in the business parks of goEco were small businesses, some are medium sized and some are part of big companies. Especially the small and medium sized companies do not have the capacity (finance/personnel) to address issues of renewable energy and energy efficiency which are not part of their core business.
  • Competition: Many of the companies in one business park act in direct competition with another or do not know each other because they work in totally different sectors. Therefore, the willingness to work together is clearly limited. In bilateral talks, competition and general mistrust to work together with someone they did not know were central aspects, why decision makers did not want to go into deeper cooperation.
  • Relevance: For most companies in the business parks – apart from IPOS in Sweden – the energy costs are no more than 2 – 5 % of the overall cost structure. On the one hand, energy costs are not conceived as priority for action by the management. On the other hand, decision makers appreciate activities with a high return on invest (zero and nearly zero investments).

Therefore, the good results of the goEco project were achieved by working closely together with central park managements – where established – or in cooperation with individual companies.