Target Groups

The project goEco focussed on:

After having set-up, a cooperation with the respective business parks in each of the eight participating member states the involvement of target groups and key actors was one main challenge for each partner. It was challenging to reach the residing companies in the business parks. Addressing business parks with a central management was easier and more promising concerning the implementation of measures on energy efficiency.

Nonetheless the organisation of workshops and events coupled by the usage of promotion activities and information about the project goals (e.g. with the help of seminars or the distribution of project flyers) helped to reach key actors and convince them to be part of process initiated by goEco.

  • Municipalities as well as local and national authorities have been addressed with project results at national conferences, as recipients of newsletters, leaflet and brochure or at bilateral talks. Some partners established partnerships with national or regional administration to follow-up on goEco.
  • Local companies with focus on small and medium enterprises were target group and key actors of goEco. They have been addressed by direct mailing, leaflet, website, brochure, workshops, business round tables and presentations at national and international events. Where possible, partners used the established contacts with business park managements to reach this target group.
  • Energy agencies and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) have been involved in different stages of the project as different dissemination activities, the final conference in Paris, the distribution of news and publications.