Business Parks

On the left side of this page you can find a general description of the participating business parks. For each of these business parks an integrated energy concept has been developed.

Preliminary Audits

To develop the integrated energy concept, partners conducted preliminary audits in each business park.

Short guideline for the development of an energy management system in business parks

Questionnaire template for business parks


Integrated Energy Concept

After having determined the energy output situation the project partners created feasibility studies for certain, relevant key technologies (core technologies) in their business parks. Afterwards, they developed an implementation strategy of the most promising technologies in form of an Integrated Energy Concept. For this concept they used the following template. Integrated Energy Concept


Organisational Concept for Joint Procurement

A framework for joint procurement of products for each business park involved in the project has been developed. The framework should enable companies to cooperate on long term basis within procurement of common products also after completion of the project activities.

You can find the concept here: Organisational Concept for Joint Procurement of Products