Germany: Berliner Großmarkt GmbH

Berliner Großmarkt (photo: BGM/

Berlin’s Wholesale Market (photo BGM/

Opened in 1965, the Berliner Grossmarkt, covering an area of approx. 330.000 square metres, is now an important center of trade. Top-quality fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and convenience products of all types are vended at Berliner Grossmarkt. More than 300 resident retailers, who gain approx. € 1 billion per year, make the “Belly of Berlin” one of the most important warehouses in Germany. Consumers making use of this opportunity include not only retail sellers and vendors at farmers’ markets, but also hotels and restaurants as well as large-scale consumers such as hospitals, asylums, snack bars and cafeterias.

Berliner Grossmarkt is also an important logistic location. Truckage companies, various repair shops, public administrative offices (e. g. employment center, veterinary offices), a petrol station, washing bays and recycling firms have settled here. Approx. 2,500 employees ensure service that caters to your needs and are happy to give individual consultancies.

Berliner Grossmarkt GmbH is owned by the Federal State of Berlin and responsible for managing the facilities at Beusselstrasse. Its tasks include letting the commercial areas and maintaining the entire premises.

Around 30 employees ensure that the wholesale market operates smoothly in terms of finances, safety and logistics. In its operations, the wholesale market tries to achieve the greatest possible degree of independence.

Turnover p. a.
Fruit and vegetables: 200.000 t
Flowers: 31,0 Mio. Euro
Total turnover: over 500.000 t
Total: 1,0 billion Euro