Slovenia: BTC City Ljubljana

Founded in 1954, the company was named as Central warehouses and in 1990 renamed to Merchandise trade centre (BTC, d.d.) which is still the company’s leading brand name. Until then, the company was managing warehouse facilities and was reorganized to joint-stock form, responsible for the selection of new, profitable, competitive trading programmes and necessary infrastructure. In the beginning of 1993, empty warehouses took on a new, more attractive image and in renovated hall A first stores were established.

Today, BTC City Ljubljana is managing a range of businesses, commercial and recreational, entertainment and cultural activities with a wide range of logistics services. With its content and scope it is classified as one of the largest business centres in Europe, covering an area of approximately 450.000 m2 and combining more than 340 stores, market, Atlantis water park, Millenium Sports Centre, Casino Rio, Multiplex coliseum, petrol station and a number of catering services.

Business unit Logistics Centre as a provider of comprehensive logistics and warehousing provides all services related to the goods and has its own customs freight terminal. With high quality logistics services, ICT infrastructure and business partners, the centre has become a comprehensive logistics and transportation hub of knowledge in Slovenia.

In 2012, BTC City Ljubljana was providing jobs for more than 350 employees who took care that work processes and services were conducted smoothly. The company is in majority owned by employees, managers and retired workers.

The company is aware of the great importance of environmental management. Special emphasis is therefore devoted to waste management, waste water and air, effective and rational use of energy.

Yearly turnover: in 2012
Revenue from services: 52.907.099 €
Net profit: 7.208.834 €