Sweden: IPOS – Industry Park Of Sweden

In the city of Helsingborg in the south of Sweden, one of he major chemical industries was established in 1875. Undergoing several expansions and diversifying processes this plant today consists of about 10 various operations and with possibilities of further extension. The overall common designation is logistic (harbour, railway, roads) but also supply/distribution of energy.

The companies at the site are mostly SME: s on the large side i.e. turnover of > 10 MEUR and employees of more than 50 people. The companies are as follows

  • Kemira Chemical (3 production units)
  • Air Liquide (production of gases)
  • AluFloor (production of aluminium flouride for aluminium production plants)
  • SITA (tank cleaning station)
  • Yara ( production of calcium phosphates for animal feeds)
  • Scadinavian Silver Eel (fish breeding plant)
  • Tetra Chemicals (production of calcium chloride (salt) for variuos applications).
  • Various minor supply and service companies

Besides the city of Helsingborg (about 100 000 inh) gets 1/3 of the district heating from the IPOS plant.

Since one of Kemira Chemical (Sulphur acid) operation at the site is an exoterm process it´s a large producer of energy (steam of high pressure and temprature) as a biproduct which can be utilized/transformed in several steps by other surrounding companies. The plants total energy turnover is 600 GWh/year , mainly steam and electricity.

Due to the vast amount of energy used there is an energy management organisation in place. It continously tries to improve the energy efficiency at the site but needs to add new projects and hence has received the Go Eco project with greatest interest and curiosity to exploit new ideas about the integration of advanced energy techniques.

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