Poland: Kokoszki Business Park, Gdansk


Kokoszki Business Park, Gdansk

The operation of the Business Park Kokoszki was initiated at the end of the 1960’s, together with establishing of the Prefabricated Building Elements Manufacturing Plant, Kokoszki. The Kokoszki Plant has delivered prefabricated elements to about 30% of housing in Gdansk area. The good location close to Gdansk urban area and an efficient road system has attracted more companies to settle in the area.

The total area of the park is about 110 ha. There is still free space for the park development.

In total over 50 businesses operate in the park, 31 main companies were invited to join the GoEco project. The invited companies in Business Park Kokoszki are from the following sectors:

  • District heating company    1
  • Building products                12
  • Mechanical                             5
  • Electronics and IT                4
  • Chemical                                 5
  • Clothing                                  1
  • Logistics and transport       3

The main energy carriers used by plants in the park include district heating, steam, electricity and natural gas. Plants are supplied with heat from local district heating plant and network.

The total annual energy consumption in the area equals to about 48 000 MWh, about half of this electricity. The park is supplied with electricity from the Main Supply Station Kokoszki and 12 substations. The initial survey of the energy use in the park reveals that there is potential for implementing energy efficiency measures and reduction of the energy use by companies in the park.

The mayor of Gdansk has declared patronage over the GoEco project in the Kokoszki Business Park.


Integrated energy concept for Business Park Kokoszki_public