Czech Republic: Sklady Hodonín

Business park „Sklady Hodonín“ (Hodonín storage park) has a long history dating back to a medieval castle. In 1787 it was rebuilt to a tobacco factory and manufacturing of tobacco products stayed there for over 2 centuries until the last owner –Philip Morris concern moved out in 2006. The business park is now owned by a private company created for the purpose of operating and managing the facility.

The business park comprises about 30 buildings of different size and type in an area of 6 hectares which offer a total floor area of 60 000 m2 for manufacturing, storage and administration purposes.

Currently there are about 40 different companies and institutions using the park as tenants. Among the users of office buildings are important governmental institutions, companies are active in various manufacturing activities (insulation glass, elements of concrete, plastics, steel rods), and services (laundering and dry cleaning, waste management).

The main challenge the owner was facing was the rehabilitation of energy systems. The existing heavy fuel oil fired boiler plant was in bad shape and the heat distribution was obsolete using steam. Electricity was purchased from grid and supplied to tenants through a local distribution system.

The new solution had to be flexible to be able to adjust to tenents’ demands, which may change in the future.

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