Latvia: Port Magnat Business Park, Riga

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Port Magnat Business Park is situated on the banks of river Daugava, which runs through Riga (capital of Latvia). The area of Port Magnat covers around 9 ha. Railroad connection, port, which is connected to the Baltic Sea and land routes which makes this area a very interesting logistics point.

Many companies are using this site as a logistics point for storing and shipping different materials. In the territory of Port Magnat mostly timber, wood logs, gravel and other materials are stored. Within a year large amounts of materials are being handled:

  • Timber – 300’000 m3/a
  • Logs – 50’000 m3/a
  • Gravel – 100’000 t/a
  • Plasterboard – 50’000 t/a
  • Metal – 100’000 t/a
  • E.t.c.

Materials are shipped from and to this site. On this site there also are companies, which increase the value of incoming materials. For instance sawn timber drying takes place. There are also companies, which rent office spaces on this site.

Port Magnat Business Park is currently undergoing expansion and new energy consumers are planned in the nearest future. The participation in this project can give opportunity to construct new energy efficient premises and buildings for companies renting space in Port Magnat Business Park.

Heat energy in the territory is produced by natural gas. Electricity is taken from grid. Total current energy consumption of this area is around 5’000 MWh per year. But it could increase due to new tenants and new energy consumers.