Ekodoma is an energy engineering consulting firm whose scope is to ensure energy efficiency and use of sustainable energy sources to achieve economic development with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This is accomplished by bringing sustainable climate and energy concepts in each stage and aspect of design and consultancy.
Ekodoma offers a complete range of Energy Efficiency Services and Environmental Impact Services, from concept to completion. The firm works together with clients, engineers, architects and economists from the start of the process, considering each step from the standpoint of thermodynamics and physics.

For each project potential strategies and solutions are assessed and evaluated, creating a strong identity for every situation; but Ekodoma goes beyond the limited idea of energy efficiency, looking at the interdependence of comfort issues and the integration of each solution in the build environment within a larger environmental context.
Our aim is to create comfortable, economical, high-value solutions and a sustainable environment for living, learning, working and playing.

Since 1991 Ekodoma has been involved in more than 1000 different projects. The firm has a track record of success stories, always being at the forefront of energy efficiency services developments.

Noliktavas street 3-3, Riga, LV1010

Person in charge: Gatis Zogla
Phone: +371 26324712; +371 67323212