Energy Centre Bratislava

The Energy Centre Bratislava is a civic association established with the mission to promote and support a rational use of energy in Slovakia.

Energy Centre Bratislava (ECB) is active in the Slovak energy sector since 1992 when it was established within framework of the EC Synergy programme. After its completion in 1997, ECB has become a part of the Slovak Energy Agency. Since 1999 ECB has became independent non-for profit and non-governmental organization.
The ECB fulfils its mission through activities aimed at energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy sources. These activities are divided into two principal areas:

1. Advisory, consulting and technical assistance for public and private sector;
2. Public services focused on education, transfer of know-how and awareness raising.

Advisory, Consultancy and Technical Assistance
The advisory, consultancy and technical assistance provided by ECB are based on extensive technical knowledge and deep understanding of local conditions and their relations to international development. High quality of the services offered is ensured through conceptual composition of project teams tailored to specific requirements of respective assignments. Majority of the services is provided by highly skilled and experienced internal staff that is complemented by experts of necessary specific specializations. ECB disposes with network of more than 20 experts for different areas.

ECB provides its services to clients from private as well as public sector. Municipalities comprise the most important target group among the clients from public sector. The core services within this market segment consist of:

  • Assistance within development of investment projects based on utilization of concepts of energy services – especially Energy Performance Contracting;
  • Development of local and regional conceptual frameworks for rational use of energy;
  • Complex advisory related to reconstructions of Public Lighting Systems (through specialized department – Centre for Public Lighting).

The core of services for private clients lies within energy auditing in industries and energy performance certification of buildings. Beside these, the ECB offers and delivers also on-demand services such as:

  • Market analyses (usually for foreign investors);
  • Feasibility studies and evaluations of energy related investment projects (for investors as well as financial institutions);

Data collections and data analyses
Specific part of the services within private sector consists of consultancy for International Financial Institutions (EBRD, EIB) where the ECB utilizes experiences and knowledge gained within other activities. Important part of services in this area relates to support of the EPBD implementation (Moldova and Kyrgyzstan).

ECB has extensive experiences in working in international environment. ECB joined since its establishment many international consortiums within the EC OPET and FEMOPET Programme, Intelligent Energy Europe, Interreg, Phare and EC Framework Programmes with the aim to foster EU energy and environmental policy through local activities.

Public Services
The public services are mostly provided within framework of international projects covered by international institutions. The most important clients of ECB in this area are EACI – Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation (Intelligent Energy Europe programme) and UNDP – United Nations Development Programme. Experiences and knowledge gained through the international cooperation are utilized also to support Slovak national institutions within preparation of strategic and legislative documents. In the recent years the ECB has actively participated in development of national Action Plans for Energy Efficiency and National Energy Policy in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of Slovak republic and Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency.

On the level of energy concepts (and also in their practical implementation) the ECB closely cooperates with Slovak municipalities (and public sector in general). ECB is a member and energy expert of Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia as well as co-founder of CITENERGO – Interest Association of Cities and Municipalities for Sustainable Energy.

Households are other important target group of the ECB activities. Since 2004 the ECB provides free advisory for households in the area of energy efficiency in residential buildings.

ECB prepared since its establishment number of sector studies, policy documents, feasibility studies, assessments of energy performance, manuals and publications, campaigns, trainings and seminars in sectors like energy efficiency and renewable energy sources utilization in buildings, large and SMEs industrial companies, households etc. During its 20 years of existence, ECB has organized about 700 successful PR and information events in this field, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, excursions, trainings, etc.

Energy Centre Bratislava
Ambrova 35, 831 01 Bratislava 37, Slovakia

Person in charge: Roman Caban
Phone: +421 2 593 000 91