Skåne Energy Agency

Skåne Energy Agency is a regional energy agency founded with support from the European SAVE program in 1998. It is a department within The Association of Local Authorities in Skåne, a member organization of the municipalities in the region, which is a non-profit organization. Our steering group consists of five local politicians from the region and 3-4 experts.

The region of Skåne
Skåne has an area of about 10 000 km2, consists of 33 municipalities and has a total population of 1,25 million inhabitants. The municipalities range from 7 000 to 300 000 inhabitants, the biggest ones being Malmö, Helsingborg and Lund. The area is closely connected with the Danish island of Sealand through the Öresund bridge The Öresund region has some 3,4 million inhabitants.

Our profile and areas of expertise
Skåne Energy Agency is Sweden´s second largest energy agency with more than 20 employees. The office is located in central Malmö. Our work areas are divided into three main areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and planning & strategies. Referring to renewable energy the agency works with biogas, biomass, solar energy, wind and hydrogen and fuel cells. In the area of energy efficiency the work cover energy in existing buildings and SMEs, new buildings, behavior related issues and transport. The work in both these fields is done through networks, projects and through energy advisory services.

We have supported ten of the municipalities in Skåne with the development of their energy plans and the county administrative board with the regional energy plan. We work continuously with support and development of action plans on different energy related topics, both on local and regional level. We also address issues of public tendering and city planning.

The agency operate in close cooperation with municipalities, utility companies, property developers, farming associations, consultancy companies and universities in our different projects and networks.
Our target groups include municipalities, private companies, associations and private households. We have more than 10.000 participants in our activities each year.

Skåne Energy Agency
Nordenskiöldsgatan 17, S- 21119, Malmö, Sweden

Person in charge: Göran Björkenström
Phone: + 46 709 71 99 73